What are you living for ? Other then the already known answers like Luxurious Life OR Peace and Calm OR even Enlightenment, there is so much to explore in the life we have which we don’t even bother to ponder over.

The smallest of joys, Memorable journeys, Unique destinations, Lovely people and the list goes on and on. Every single day, we live a life which is routine but never thought of what all it actually includes.

Live for the wondrous moments which usually go unnoticed every single day; Live for the new memories which are made when you allow them to happen; Live for the wishes which starts fulfilling and Live for the love which is forever there in any form always around you.



Nobody is perfect but still everyone of us strive for perfection. We are humans and errors are made however alert/aware/conscious we are in our lives.There is a constant need of improvement.

Constantly improving every single day helps us grow even in the smallest areas of our lives. Be it personal or professional, we look upto our idols and want to be like them for which we keep on adding and enhancing new skills , techniques and ways.

There’s no downsize to improvement. If failure occurs, so be it. We learned one way which doesn’t work. There are countless other ways which are yet to be explored and tried. Utilising them would pave our way towards success. Failure leads us to learn something new and improve our skill set to be a professional in what we want to.

Chin up, Rise, move ahead , take the leap, improve and lead the way on to the path of glory. As in the beautiful words of Robert Frost in his poem The Road not Taken, “Two roads diverged in the woods, and I….I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”


Glow from within as that radiance will be eternal and the vibes emanating from you will be highly positive and divine which in turn lead to a significant change in people in your life.

This eternal glow comes from your dedicated efforts for self care as said very well in the saying,”When you take care of your body, Body takes care of you.”

Remember to absorb the positivity, love, peace, calm and tranquility around you which will help in increasing this beautiful glow and helping you to achieve the impossible sooner then you think.

Ensure to “Flow with the Glow which you sow without feeling low and standing confidently on your toe.


Fulfill your wishes , goals, desires and dreams not just in this outside materialistic world but also in your inside world because believe it or not, “Our outside world is a reflection of our inside world.”

If you will observe acutely your inner world, there is a constant flow of thoughts which are actually manifesting our own reality outside. If they are chaotic, there is bound to be chaotic things in your outside world happening OR happened OR going to happen one or the way however hard you try to control, the reality always happen.

If you are calm and composed inside , You will actually be able to see clearly the events around you in the outside world are happening at their own pace. Your presence do affect the reality around you as “Everyone of us is a miniscule part of this massive universe.”

So, remember, If you want changes to happen in outer world, you have to work and put efforts to bring those first in your inner world.


Imagine yourself laying down on beautiful green grass beside a huge tree near which a river is flowing at it’s own pace. You are just at peace and ease with the sounds of birds chirping, leaves fluttering, water flowing and the cool wind touching your body.

During this whole experience, have you observed how your breath and heartbeat are slowed to a normal pace. There are no thoughts troubling you because the calmness around you has made it happen.

Just like it is said that “Go with the Flow”, you are actually doing that during this whole surreal experience. Everything around you feels heavenly. Nothing is around there troubling you. You are away from the chaotic world not only from outside but inside to.

Here’s to a wish that everyone of us get such beautiful and Mesmerising experiences throughout our life.


Sail to any corner of the world with the most incredible tool given to you – Your Mind. It’s not just a tool, It’s a recording device with unlimited storage which keep on absorbing every chapter of your life till the very end.

Sail to your ultimate goals decided anytime of your life with every single skill you had, you have and keep on adding enhancing your persona and charisma.

Sail out of the comfort zone and the boundries developed around you by breaking them and exploring the real world testing yourself at every single moment eventually growing into the incredible version of you.

You are the Sailor in this boat of life exploring the vast ocean of Earth helping yourself to become what you have came for ultimately fulfilling the purpose.


Bring the kindness out which is always there inside you but never ever allow it to be taken for granted.

Bring out the incredible strength always there inside you to counteract anything which is not suited for the journey of your beautiful life.

Bring out the immense love always there inside you but never ever allow it to be lost for any silly reasons or misunderstandings.

Bring out the endless potential always present inside you to make your life a journey to be remembered as an example which will inspire and motivate anyone around you.


Finding what you love to do, the thing you are passionate about and consistently doing it helps in increasing creativity and calming our mind during chaos.

Finding happiness in small things and cherishing it forever with memories helps in keeping that cute smile on our faces whenever we open that collection of memories.

Finding the courage to keep going even though odds are against you help us making the best of what you have with you eventually breaking the barriers which hold you back.

Finding” is important as it helps everyone to not mind or whine and be in the line for aligning with what is best for them ziplining towards the success and prosperous life.


A platform which has made me realise the love of writing. I can’t believe it’s been three years already. When I receive the this notification, I was just overwhelmed. Really fortunate and grateful that I came across this platform.

The journey in these three years has been filled with all kind of emotions, memories, surprises and so much more. Even though I was not frequent here more in between, the love for writing and the beauty of this platform always make me come back and keep on doing and expressing my musings through writing here.

One of the most beautiful things happen here with me especially during the last few months and even during these three years is the love, inspiration and encouragement I received from the fellow bloggers. The love of audience is so beautiful that I can’t just express is words.

Forever grateful to be here and hoping of keep on going for years to come in this beautiful platform. Thank you every one of you who have been, are and will be a part of my blogging journey.


Break the bondings which are holding you to move forward and grow in life. Make yourself free and fly with your head held high.

Break the chains which are keeping you grounded and not allowing you to become the best version of you.

Break the rules which are not allowing you to get out of the comfort zone and becoming the free spirit who can take risks and break the boundaries for keeping climbing on the ladder of success.

Breaking is not difficult but we make it so by not deciding to jump into the unknown as we are afraid of what might be situations out there.

It’s time now because “If not now, then when?” We have to keep moving forward no matter what comes in front of us and Ace everything by facing them. Only two outcomes are there – Either we succeed or we learn. In both the ways, it’s we only who get benefitted.